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For this upcoming Art Appreciation event, we're going to be celebrating spring by creating original caterpillar (PK and Kinder) and butterfly art!!  These masterpieces may be displayed at the school, or your child may choose to enter her/his art in the Emily Ann Theater Butterfly Festival Art Contest.  

Our goals for this project are as follows:
* Increase awareness of the interconnection of life
* Promote community involvement through active participation in the festival
* Understand the difference between realistic and fantasy art forms 
* Explore symmetry
* Create beautiful art through exploring different media and design techniques

Please help support this event by signing up early to volunteer!  Find a friend and surprise your child or help out another class in need of a leader for this fun exploration of art and nature!


Training will be held in the Sycamore Room
* Wednesday, March 11 at 9am (after the PTA meeting)
* Monday, March 23 at 8am (after Spring Break)

Questions?  please contact Danielle Edwards.


Click on the picture above for the full presentation and instructions!

Be sure you have an up to date Background check on file with the school office!

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