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What is an Enrichment??  These are the programs PTA provides and/or supports that augment school curriculum and promote academic and art enhancement.  They cover a wide range of areas so every student can benefit from these programs!  We have lots of amazing things planned but they can't happen without your help!  VOLUNTEER TODAY!

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The Art Appreciation program enables all students to experience the joy of learning art and art history. The hands-on, creative-based activities are organized by PTA volunteers who guide students within the classroom. The committee chair organizes volunteers who guide classroom art lessons with the supervision of school leaders. 



Texas PTA Supports this position and provides many great resources to get healthy lifestyle programs up and running for our school.  Healthy eating, recycling, exercise and fitness are just a few areas that can be incorporated into this fun program. This is an open opportunity for someone with a passion for wellness!




This PTA enrichment program provides challenging, extracurricular math problems for students in K through 5th grades. Parent volunteers grade the worksheets, return them to students and reward participants for their efforts. This is a great way to volunteer from home.  Volunteers are needed from mid- September through the end of school.



Last year we were able to host a school wide spelling bee that turned out to be a huge success!  Each grade level held their own spelling bees with winners moving on to compete with all grade level winners.  The final student went on to participate in the DSISD competition!

This is open to all students, and practice words are distributed prior to the event.  Volunteers will be needed to organize and judge both the individual bees and the final school wide competition.



Our garden and outdoor learning space is continuing to grow! Volunteers will be working to maintain the garden/chicken coop that will allow teachers an effortless integration of the outdoor learning space in their daily lessons. If you enjoy being outdoors, and have a green thumb, please consider signing up to help!  



Family Science-Engineering Nights are a great opportunity to bring the whole school community together to play and learn.  Generally this event will consist of a bringing in an outside organization that leads a series of hands-on activities and lessons presented at stations around the school.

A family literacy night is an evening of fun activities that encourages community literacy. It’s essentially a fun way to for schools to give parents and their children a time and place to read, write, learn, and share ideas with experienced teachers. This type of event empowers parents to promote literacy at home, as well as sharing teaching strategies with parents that can help their children succeed in school. In addition to that, they are also a fun family event that strengthens out school community!

Reflections is an art program sponsored by National and Texas PTA.  Students can submit original work in 6 different categories. Teachers and room parents will help get the word out about the program requirements and deadlines.  Judges will review the submissions and work with PTA to make sure that the entries that advance are submitted to the next level. This is a great way to see some of the creative talents of the SSE Students! 

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