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MORE Store

What is the MORE Store??

The MORE Store is a PTA sponsored 'store' where students can spend their Leader Loot!  What is Leader Loot??  It's 'money' that students earn throughout the year from teachers and staff in recognition of outstanding leadership and behavior.  Due to space limitations the MORE Store looks a little different then in previous years.  Before parents would donate gently used items for kids to 'purchase'.  This year we are setting up the store on the cafeteria stage with all new and exciting items (there are also opportunities for kids to use their leader loot to give back to the community!) 


We are asking for parents to go to our Amazon Wishlist and help through a small donation.  Most items on the list are under $15 and ship directly to our MORE Store Committee Chair! 

You can also drop off new items in the front office.  Your support ensures this program can remain an ongoing tradition as SSES.  Help us continue to reward our student's leadership and achievements!

Want to volunteer for the next MORE Store? 

Click on the link below!

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